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How to Stick to A Budget Series: Step 2

Taking a hard look at current expenses is often an eye-opening experience for my clients. In Step 2 we look at where the money is going and decide where we want to make changes to move toward the financial future that we identified in Step 1.

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How to Stick to A Budget Series: Step 1

For my clients, the first step is often the most difficult when it comes to budgeting! Creating a new budget to improve their financial future is a big undertaking.

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First Steps Following an Auto Accident

You’ve been in an auto accident! You were wearing your seatbelt. You weren’t on your phone (and yes, the insurance defense attorney may very well ask this question). It was sudden and violent. You weren’t at fault. What do you do next?

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How Will Filing Bankruptcy Affect My Credit?

The question of how a bankruptcy filing will affect credit inevitably comes up during most initial consultations.

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Distracted Driving

One of the hottest topics when discussing driver safety these days is “distracted driving.” This focus on distracted driving is justified as according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration there were 3,450 deaths and 391,000 motor accident injuries in 2016 alone that can be attributed to it.

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Should You Establish A Trust?

Every year, despite the challenges and intensity of managing a law practice, our Simmons & Greene, PC team finds it critical to get away and recharge. We can all get so bogged down in working IN our jobs and businesses that we don’t ever really have a chance to think ON them — and where we’re headed.

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